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As your startup has grown, it's probably become harder to trust and use your data:

  • "These data reports make no sense, there's no way I can use them to make a roadmap decision"

    😠 Product Owner

  • "My team has got tons of data but they still decide on hunches"

    🤔 Head of Product

  • "Every time I run a new experiment it takes too long to get the results and I don't fully trust them"

    🤷‍♀️ Head of Growth

Learn how we can help you take your data to the next level to have Product & Growth teams that make data-driven decisions:

1. Choose the right Product Analytics stack

We'll help you figure out what solution is best for your business stage and data maturity.

Learn how Mixpanel could help you:

  • Obtain instant self-serve reports on your core KPIs. 
  • Share internally reports to promote a data-first decision making culture.
  • Easy to use platform you'll enjoy using, without the need to know SQL.
  • Trust the answers you get as it's integrated to your data warehouse, applications or websites.
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Mixpanel vs amplitude Mixpanel vs amplitude

Are you comparing Mixpanel against Amplitude?

At Bildung we've used both tools in previous startups and know for a fact that Mixpanel is better overall:

  • Up to 50% more cost-effective with transparent contracts and no fine print
  • Easier to use and more intuitive.
  • Greater flexibility and depth.

to take your Data Strategy to the next level with our expert consultancy services.

Hear from some of our clients

- Efficient Learnings in no time -

In a few sessions the Bildung team managed to help us out identify low-hanging fruits that allowed us to unblock Mixpanel's integration. We had very productive sessions where they shared tons of knowledge. Recommended

Mateo Creamer @Cometa

- Exceptional support -

The experience with Bildung was that of a partner, not a provider, they have supported us by clearly understanding our needs, guiding us in the use and adoption of a tool that today allows us to make business decisions correctly, strengthening us as a data driven company.

Manuel Sanabria @Cobre


to take your Data Strategy to the next level with our expert consultancy services.

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