We’re not an agency. We're your strategic growth partners. 🚀

We've been in your seat having worked +5 years together in hyper-growth start-ups operating growth, retention, acquisition, and product

Partnering with four leading MarTech platforms (Braze, Mixpanel, Iterable, Segment), we aim to serve clients worldwide.

  • Tincho
    Martín Elizalde
    Founder & CEO

    Industrial Engineer (UBA). 

    Ex general manager of Wabi2b. Angel Investor.

  • Guido linkedin
    Guido Manfredi
    Founder & COO

    Industrial Engineer (ITBA).

    Ex-general manager of Wabi2you.

    Operations, Growth, and Strategy.

  • Guro
    Tomás Gurovich
    Founder & Chief Growth Officer

    Industrial Engineer (ITBA). Ex-CMO of Wabi.

    Strategy and execution on Retention, Acquisition, and Product.

  • Mauro
    Mauricio Sasso
    Head of Sales Brasil

    Ex-Wabi, Ex-iFood and International Sales, Mauro is your go-to guy in BR for Martech.

Runs on Unicorn Platform