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Why Braze?

Launch your marketing into the future with the platform purpose-built for customer engagement

  • Listen

    At the top of Braze's stack, brands ingest data and listen to customers across multiple digital touchpoints.
  • Understand

    Gain context around customer preferences and behaviors to make every message more relevant. Leverage data to classify audiences, personalize messages, and orchestrate and test campaigns—all in real time.
  • Act

    Test and act on your insights in the moment. Braze makes it easy to send each customer the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.
  • Increase revenue per customer

    That is the ultimate goal, right? You've already paid for acquiring your users, now it's the time to increase their life-time value.
  • Increase operational efficiencies of your team and company

    Braze unlocks the power of automation, and allows you to scale your operations while maintaining a lean team.
  • Future-proof your business

    Get ahead of the curve and beat your competitors to creating valuable and lasting relationships with each of your customers.

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  • The Best CRM platform for Mobile Applications

    Braze has all the essential resources that Marketing and Product teams need for a quick, easy, and professional user engagement and conversion. 

    Once all the technical setup is done, it becomes an amazing tool for segmentation, automation, and testing. Product Managers and Marketing professionals will be entirely independent of any Data Analysts or Developers for a best in class app communication. 

    Furthermore, it enables powerful and easy tests through InAPPs and Content Cards that will avoid your company losing time coding some features before knowing they will work.

    Vinicius B., Director of Growth
  • Amazing product (and the people are great, too!)

    As a product, Braze is extremely intuitive — it's easy to figure out how to do what you need to do (and even if you can't find it, all of their learning resources are very well done). 

    The platform is very robust, so it's easy to execute campaigns efficiently and as imagined. We used to send all of our marketing comms from an in-house tool, so upgrading to Braze has been a dream.

    Emma S., Graphic Designer
  • Push Notification, In-App, Web Notification, Email, Geolocation All-In-One

    Design your message once, personalize, and deploy to all channels, or only select channels all in a single campaign. 

    Liquid coding makes personalization very powerful.

    Relatively short ramp-up period. Deep details on each user's behavior. Love the platform and love the support the team is able to provide. 

    Can't imagine what could be better.

    Jon L.
  • Extremely powerful and easy to use once setup correctly

    The segmentation and personalization tools are extremely robust, but still easy to use, which is a combination that is hard to find in the marketing tool world. 

    I found myself and our Email Marketing Manager being pleasantly surprised throughout our onboarding process when trying to do a task with a few clicks when in our previous email tool would require data analyst help.

    Mike S.

Why Choose Bildung Data For Your Retention / CRM Journey

Braze Certified Partners

We are Braze certified partners specifically for the African territory. As such, our whole team is certified to provide you the best solutions possible.

Using Braze since 2015

Our team has +7 years of experience using Braze hands-on as our main platform to grow our past businesses. 

Experience operating in Africa

We have operated our last business (Wabi Project) in the African territory for +3 years. We know what it takes to do so.

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How We Can Help You With Your Retention / CRM Journey

⚒️ Implementing Braze from start to finish

We will help you with your Braze integration and implementation si so it's set up for success

📈 Operating Braze for you with our Growth-as-a-Service plan

We will operate Braze for you, or work alongside your team to use Braze like top users are using it

💪 Training your teams with the Retention / CRM playbook that enabled us to grow from 0 to a worldwide company

We have designed and implementd a playbook for retention that was the backbone to grow our last company from 0 to the world

👩‍💻 Teaching you how to use Braze's more technical features

Liquid Syntax, connected content, webhooks, and more. These features enable true personalization and unlock growth.

📄 Planning and implementing your user journeys with you

We will work with you to plan your user journeys, and implement them in Braze using campaigns, canvases, A/B tests, and more.

✉️ Providing ongoing support

We provide support via chat or email, and weekly / monthly check-ins to assist you in everything you need.

🚀 And much more!

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