III- Data Governance as a Service

Let's cleanup your data and setup your internal processes for better event management. Reduce your Product Analytics bill in up to 30%!

  1. Trust again your data with a Data Audit
  2. Reduce your spend by lowering your event ingestion count with a Data Cleanup
  3. Learn how to use Automatic Alerts, Event Approval, Usage and other advanced features to improve your Event Management.
  4. Standardize your Event Taxonomy.
  5. Let's set up a plan on Event Management Processes in order to have better Data Governance.
  6. Let's enrich your data to use Mixpanel's advanced Cart Analysis & Marketing Analytics features.
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  • Who is this for?

    • Product Managers who want to improve how you are handling Events Data
    • Growth Managers who want to have same values for their events accross different MarTech platforms
    • Data Management teams who are overwhelmed and struggling to have strong Data Governance policies.
  • What challenges you might be facing?

    • Your Startup has grown and your Event Management has become increasingly challenging to handle
    • Your business grows and so does your MarTech bills.
    • There aren't clear internal processes on how to send events to your platforms without event standarization.
  • What are the expected outcomes?

    Get a curated list of events to mantain and a list of events to stop ingesting with the Data Audit & Cleanup.

    Learn how to use advanced features and combine them with the right processes to have strong internal Data Governance policies.

    Have a clear plan on a Data Governance stategy, how to implement it and assign ownership to each part of the process.

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