IV- Trainings: Getting Started with Mixpanel

Join our new monthly cohorts or get personalized trainings to get expert advice on proper implementation, onboard for Mixpanel, and best practices.

  1. Kickoff and intro on how to implement Mixpanel
  2. Learn to create an Event Tracking Plan 
  3. Development Kickoff and QA best practices
  4. Mixpanel overview on top reports and key features
  5. Framework on how to use Mixpanel to answer business key questions and improve your product. 
  6. Creating a decision tree analysis to map your businesses key metrics and how to follow them in Mixpanel.
  7. Marketing Analytics, E-commerce & other advanced features deepdive
  8. Ask us anything 
Mixpanel deepdive course2
  • Who is this for?

    • Product Managers who are either starting with Mixpanel or already have experience and want to become an expert on product analytics
    • Growth Managers who want to learn how to combine User Acquisition and Product usage to have a 360° overview on how users from different sources use their product.
    • E-commerce Managers who want to explore Cart Analysis advanced features
  • What challenges you might be facing?

    • You've spent a ton of money on acquiring a Product Analytics platform but feel that you aren't getting the most out of it
    • Your teams are getting stuck and this frustration is preventing them from adopting the tool
    • You still are taking decisions based on "hunch" instead of data-driven.
  • What are the expected outcomes?

    After these sessions you are going to be a Mixpanel expert that will be able to answer your Key Businesses questions and take data-driven decisions.

    Before the batch starts we'll have a interview in order to understand your needs and tailor the sessions to improve them.

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