I- Implement Mixpanel & onboard your users like a pro

Let's plan your implementation, integrate your different event sources and onboard your core teams into Mixpanel.

  1. Kickoff and deepdive into your business KPIs.
  2. Planning your Data Ingestion Method.
  3. Focus Framework to prioritize Events to be tracked.
  4. Creating an Event Tracking Plan.
  5. Development Kickoff.
  6. QA best practice & live data streaming.
  7. Onboarding & Workshops with your core teams.
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  • Who is this for?

    You are getting started with Mixpanel - either with a Free or Paid account - and want to do it right and as effortlessly as possible.

    Ideally both the developers (whom will do the integration) and the product / marketing / business teams (whom will be answering questions with Mixpanel) will participate in this project.

  • What challenges you might be facing?

    • You just hired Mixpanel but don't know where to start and want to move quickly and smooth.
    • You want to optimize your budget and not overspend on sending irrelevant Events that add to your bill but only allow to create vanity metrics.
    • Your devs team have a tight agenda so you want to make sure they are integrating Mixpanel right on their first try and only add Events that will be later used.
  • What are the expected outcomes?

    Mixpanel will be up and running with your live events from your different sources (app, website, servers or data warehouses).

    Your core teams will be fully onboarded into Mixpanel with hands-on know how on how to get the most out of Mixpanel.

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