Get A Free Audit Of Your Mixpanel Project

Get a FREE review of your Mixpanel project, and have your results straight into a Mixpanel board within 48 hs.

Identify gaps, opportunities, and low-hanging fruits!

Mixpanel free audit

Follow this steps and get your Free Audit

(it's 100% free)

1. Add us to your Mixpanel organization

- In your mixpanel project add as an Admin

- Admin is required to see event optimization; if not needed, just as an Analyst

2. Fill the form below

- Send us your email

- Send us your Mixpanel Project URL

3. Get your free audit in 48hs

- You will be able to view the results of the audit right in your Mixpanel project

- We will create a board and document all of the insights there

- We will also send you an email to let you know it's ready

Send us your info and get your free Mixpanel audit

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