Bildung & OneSignal: Strategic Partners for LatAm

We've partnered with the best Marketing Automation solution to help our clients in LatAm drive engaged and loyal customers.

OneSignal is trusted by more than 1M businesses:

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Push Notifications, Email, SMS & In-App Messaging to drive engaged and loyal customers.

The most widely deployed Customer Messaging & Engagement solution, helping over one million businesses send more than ten billion messages every day.

Journeys easy to use intuitive visual builder
  • Multiple channels:

    • Push Notifications
    • Emails
    • In-App Messages
    • SMS
  • Connect smarter:

    • User Journeys
    • Recurring Campaings
    • Scheduled Campaigns
    • Intelligent Delivery
  • Data-driven:

    • Messaging A/B testing
    • Real-Time reporting
    • Integrations with third party tools
    • Scale what works

Bildung's value added to OneSignal's customers in LatAm:

As OneSignal's strategic partner for LatAm, we take care of the entire funnel - from the initial hiring process, payment through Bildung's local entities, to onboarding, implementation, and customer success services.

  • 1. Pay locally through Bildung's Data entity in your country.

    Save money by hiring OneSignal and paying locally through Bildung Data's local entities in LatAm countries. We know that otherwise it usually brings largers costs in most countries (hello Brazilian friends).

  • 2. Custom Onboarding & Support Services

    Let's have a conversation and understand what you need help with. We'll customize a package that best fits your needs to get you up and running with OneSignal in no time.

  • 3. Speak to us in Portuguese, Spanish or English and in GMT-3

    We speak your language and are in your timezone to provide better and faster responses.

  • 4. Growth Experts - not only in Marketing Automation

    We have experience in creating and scaling startups from scratch to over 1500 employees and across 19 countries. So, apart from Marketing Automation & Product Analytics, we can see the bigger picture and help you understand how OneSignal can benefit your Growth, Acquisition, Retention, and other core teams.

Deliver Captivating Omnichannel User Experiences

OneSignal empowers teams across your company to seamlessly drive revenue and retention. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to enhance and scale your engagement strategy, our agile omnichannel solution will help you realize ROI quickly.


For Marketing and Growth Managers

Save time and generate consistent growth by building, optimizing, and automating lifecycle messaging and promotions with our intuitive Journeys builder — no developer support required.

For marketing mangaers

For Product Managers

OneSignal's highly-customizable messaging solutions will help you create a cohesive and meaningful brand experience across every user touchpoint.

Promote feature adoption, improve user retention, increase monthly active users (MAU), reduce sprint cycle load, and capture user feedback with our versatile in-app messaging tool, email, and push notification solutions.

For product managers
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